This page offers answers to the most comm questions for iAmortPro.
Q.    Why didn't the input value change when I entered it?

The popup calculator and calendar will not update the value unless you press the Done or Next value. Dismissing the popover will cancel the change.

Q.    How do I set default loan settings?

Default loan settings can be made from the app in landscape. The SETTINGS button on the left menu pane will allow you to change the default settings for new loans.

Q.    How do I calculate a lease?

To calculate a lease, press the Settings button, select Lease, and press Done. The Ending Balance input will be visible and allow you to enter or calculate the ending balance of the lease.

Q.    How do I change the current field to Calculate?

To change this calculated value, select the value and press the Calculator button. This will allow you to enter a new value instead of calculating one.

Q.    How do I calculate an unknown value?

You can set the value to calculate by selecting the input value and selecting the ? button from the input screen or the popup Calculator.
After the Calculate value is set, press the Calculator button to calculate the value. Only 1 unknown value may be calculated.

Q.    How do I display the loan totals?

After all the values have been entered for the loan, you can press the Totals button which is between the Calculate and Settings button in the input screen.

Q.    How do I customize the amortization reports?

From the Report view, press the Settings button. You can enter a header or footer and change the Fiscal Year end for the totals

Q.    How do I calculate a Rule of 78's loan?

To change the type of the loan calculation to Rule of 78's, US Rule, and Canadian, press the Settings button, and select the Loan Type to change the value.